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Does anybody use this anymore?

Honestly. It's a graveyard around here.

*tap, tap* Is anybody out there?

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun. :)

I'm an aunt!

So, my brother and his stolen-from-the-cradle wife (he's 34 and she's 25, so we give him merry hell for it) have FINALLY had a baby. My niece: Bridget Elizabeth (named for her late great-grandmothers) arrived yesterday. She weighed in at 8 lbs, 2 oz, measured 20 inches in length, and has a shock of dark brunette hair...with a fat little nose and a pointy little chin--so different-looking from my dimple-chinned babies!--and makes a ferocious angry face. :D (She gets that honest from our line.)

Side note: We have already begun the countdown to the hair falling out and her turning blonde, as every single one of us in this family started as golden blondes and turned dark-headed. Even my Dana did the same (Logan started out white-blond and is progressing nicely to dark brown. He's still in the dirty-blond stage, at the moment).

Sis-in-law went into labor Saturday morning, spending most of the weekend at home after the hospital cleared her to labor there...they went back to the hospital late Sunday night or early Monday morning (not sure which, sorry), and called the grandparents. My mom and dad took my paternal grandparents with them to the hospital, while I worked and waited to hear more. Once it was certain Bridget would be arriving that day, I left work early and caught a ride with my aunt (Bobby, bless him, stayed home with our kids). We drove the three hours with bated breath, because we knew the baby should have already come, but we'd heard nothing. Finally, we got word that Bridget was born at 12:30--but SiL had problems with the placenta not fully coming out and began bleeding. (We were later quietly told that she'd come thisclose to needing a D&C, but the bleeding stopped in time.) My brother had remained with his wife until everything was clear, then came out to tell everyone what had happened.

My aunt and I arrived late enough to warrant some private time with Bridget & Co., since the rest of the family already had dibs on her while we were on the road. (Did I mention it was a nearly-three-hour drive?) We took a not-quite-obscene amount of pictures, only because we couldn't spend as long as we wanted, what with having to come back home and all, but we ended up all piling into the room and passing Bridget around and taking more pictures and laughing and deciding who she looks most like, and reminding everyone she has her namesake's toes (Maw-Maw Bridget passed along the trait of having a big toe shorter than the one beside it, and most of us have the same thing, and Baby Bridget does too!). It was a grand time, and I think we amused the staff by packing so much of our little clan into that (might I say, rather spacious) room and generally causing happy mayhem.

SiL had a fever, though, by nightfall, and we were all worried. Brother called this morning and said it broke during the night, but they're still exhausted...not getting solid rest over an over-two-days labor at home, then all the stuff happening at the hospital (and the stress of the bleeding scare, I'm certain) has all combined to make two overwrought people have a harder time enjoying the big change and arrival, but I'm sure they'll be right as rain and in a normal state of new-parent exhaustion soon enough. Ha!

My brother, however, never fails to amuse--he told our mom (I'm sure my dad will laugh as much as Bobby and I did) that the baby was nursing and SiL fell asleep, so he was lifting SiL's breast away from the baby's nose because he was afraid she'd smother. Bobby and I know a baby will move its head while nursing, but my brother is brand-new at this...and now I know why parents giggle at new parents. We remember how we worried about everything, too!

It was a wonderful day. *happy sigh*


Dana...princess of cute

Dana's a pro at making me melt. Honest-to-God, I can't help myself with my little girlie--she's so CUTE!

Me, in the bed with her, thinking she's asleep: "I love you."
Dana, very sleepily: "I wuff you."

Last night, again in the bed with her (she always wants someone to lie down with her until she conks out): "We nuggle."
Me: "Yes, we snuggle."
She scootched closer, resting her forehead against mine.


I have a habit of being touchy-feely with my kids--scratching their heads, rubbing their backs or the calves of their legs (especially after falling down and getting banged up), kissing them, hugging them, holding them on my lap and giving them big squeezes, what-have-you. (They both have the softest, warmest skin, and I can't get enough of it.) I tell them all the time how much I love them, and I'll stroke their faces and give them Eskimo kisses, too.

Dana's started doing the same thing. She'll curl up to me, and then I'll feel that wee hand rubbing up and down my arm, just like I do to her when I'm holding her and soothing her. Then she'll reach up and rub my cheek, and--sometimes--she'll rub her little nose against mine and grin at me.


Also, when she wants to kiss you, she puckers up in what I always called fish lips. *mwah!*


Of no real importance, but...

Every so often, something happens that makes me remember not everything is about money and rights management and what-not.

(Granted, this is an underwhelming thing that I'm talking about, compared to all the possibilities out there, but even so.)

Last December, I watched the Syfy "Alice" miniseries and really enjoyed it. So much so, I bought the soundtrack (which is not unusual for me, I have more than a few soundtracks in my library) and the blu-ray version of the movie. I was disappointed, however, to find one piece of music missing from the album, the piece I wanted most! I searched LJ, no one had it; I tried contacting the company, no reply. Recently, however, I commented on the company's Facebook page and happened to mention my search...and received a PM from the page maintainer. He offered to find the piece, a musical cue, and share it if they could.

About an hour ago, he did. A free link, just out there for me to listen to and share. :D

(Of course, I can't download it, but...*ahem*...well, you know.)

It's only a little thing, yes, but still--awfully nice for him to have done.


Birthday recovery


Logan turned five, yesterday. My little Fishie-baby will head off to kindergarten this fall. Where has the time gone? What happened to the roly-poly baby I used to cuddle? Where's the tow-headed toddler that used to laugh in my face and squeal in delight when I'd grab his chubby legs?

These days, I have a nearly four-foot tall boy, thin and wiry, loud and silly, running like a madman everywhere he goes. He's quite the talker, now, compared to those first two years when he didn't (couldn't) speak. He's a clever monkey, and quite observant, though he still has his toddler meltdowns. (Oy.)

His birthday party is on Sunday, when we get home from church, so to celebrate ON his birthday, we took him to Chuck E Cheese's. Twenty bucks in tokens, and he wants to use his tickets on candy? Sorry, bub, not happening. We managed to convince him to get a couple of little toys, a bracelet for his little sister, and keep the rest of the tickets for next time. (The Hubby managed to score lots and lots of tickets on one game with a 25-ticket minimum jackpot. My husband: the man with the plan.)

So...Sunday: Scooby-Doo theme party. Cake. Lots of people. More toys to pack into our house. Pictures. Memories. Melted ice cream. Screaming kids. Happiness. (Don't forget the stress, too.) :D


Just a little thought...

...confirming that yes, I find Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter (Tarrant Hightopp) absolutely endearing and adorable. That hair? Hee! And don't get me started on when he turns from happy-mad to raging Scotsman-mad. (Guh.)

I suppose this means I wouldn't kick a ginger-haired madman in a kilt out of my bed for eating crackers...yeah. That's what it means.



Happy New Year!

As I say every year--may the best you've had in the last year be the worst you have in the next. ;-)

Be safe, everyone, and I wish you the best.



Logan's begun telling me to "be careful" doing things--driving down the road, walking up and down stairs, etc.--and as sweet as it is, I can't help but giggle about it. He's so very earnest about it, even to the point of making a special trip to where I am to remind me... :)

Dana, meanwhile, has been cuddling a stuffed lamb for about two weeks--it's a special lamb, however (a gift from my teacher aunt). Why? Because it sings. Specifically, it sings "The Lonely Goatherd" (no, I don't know why a *lamb* would sing it, but even so), and she absolutely ADORES it.

So, yeah. My children. I love them. And they are odd--and CUTE! :D

Tasting wind...

I picked up my kids from the in-laws' house, today, and we drove home with the windows down (because the weather was so pleasant) and the radio on. I'd been listening to Phil Collins, and Logan promptly declared it was his "favorite song", so I started it over and we danced in our seats and hung our arms out the windows to ride on the air...and Logan piped up from the back, telling me to stick out my tongue--which he demonstrated in the rearview mirror--and "taste the wind"...

I complied, laughing, and he asked if I knew what it tasted like--"Like water, mama. It tastes like water."

So we rode along, sticking our tongues out, tasting the wind. Logan was right--it was "good water."